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Use a Computer

EPL has public computers available for your use.  We also have wireless access, so feel free to bring in your devices and get hooked up on your own.

  • There are 4 desktop computers and 6 laptops available for your use.
  • Each computer has access to the internet.  Also available are Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point.
  • Time is limited to 2 hours per patron, per day.  However, if you are doing homework or taking an exam, longer sessions are possible.
  • Sign in for computer use by seeing the librarian.  She/he will give you a PIN number to be used on the acceptance screen.
  • Pages can be printed at the library.  Black and white print is $.20 per page and color printing is $.50 per page.  Your printed items will be available to pick up at the circulation desk.
  • Our computers do not have filtered access to the internet - so children and teens will need parental supervision.